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In Additive & Traditional Manufacturing

Since our conception,

We’ve pioneered ways to blend tried-and-true manufacturing processes with the innovation of additive manufacturing to offer you rapid turnaround on bespoke parts, prototypes, and products. Our team has over 130 years of combined manufacturing experience, we proudly offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions to help push your project forward. When you request a quote, or look to simply learn more, you’re chatting with one of us from start to finish.

Chris Keidel

Vice President of Operations

Chris has over 28 years of industry experience in the Midwest USA working with clients on their project needs. From starting his career in traditional manufacturing, to the progressive growth into additive technologies and processes, Chris has championed the transition with new and existing clients in closing the gap between conventional timelines, factory costs, and quality effectiveness in the rapid prototyping market.

Sean Momsen

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

With over 20 years in manufacturing, Sean Momsen stands at the forefront of the industry, particularly in the aerospace sector and new product development. His expertise has been crucial in refining aerospace manufacturing, leading to the creation of sophisticated components that meet rigorous standards. Sean’s strategic approach in product development combines technical insight with marketing savvy, streamlining the path from concept to mass production. Based in the Midwest, USA, his leadership has been instrumental in accelerating development timelines and implementing cost-effective strategies for rapid tooling, benefiting a diverse range of businesses in their pursuit of innovation and efficiency.

Korey Fusek

Operations Manager

Kory hosts over 25 years of industry experience in the setup of CNC machining, 3 & 5 axis toolpathing strategies, machine operation, direct customer project management, SolidWorks design and analysis, and additive manufacturing. The skillset he brings to the team allows us to blend our traditional and additive manufacturing technologies seamlessly while working with our clients to develop rapid components without added cost.