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ITAR Registered

ISO9001/AS9100D planned 2024

ISO9001/AS9100D planned 2024

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Bring Your Products to Life

At Evology, we focus on bringing as many services in-house as possible to ensure the efficient, accurate production of even the most complex parts and products. Our team of experienced craftspeople and wide range of equipment ensures we can take your product from concept to reality in a matter of days. Based on your needs, we select the best set of manufacturing processes to improve production speed, limit cost, and enhance the performance of your part or product.

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Additive Manufacturing 
Additive Manufacturing 

We leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing to help our customers optimize production, develop accurate models and prototypes, and meet tight tolerances with minimal waste. If you’re seeking a partner in short run production or multi level bill of material serial production, connect with our sales team today.

Supply chain recovery
Supply Chain Recovery

From optimizing your development to streamlining your timelines, we’re here to support your short- and long-term production needs. Our diverse equipment set, rapid retooling capabilities, and ability to develop assistive production parts like jigs and jaws help eliminate downtime and wasted material to help your project come in on time and on budget.

Rapid Tooling

If your business has limited manpower, space, or time to produce the tooling you need to manufacture your products, we can help. With strategic equipment redundancy, round the clock production, and our team of specialists, we can create the tooling you need to move your product from concept to complete faster than ever before.

Low Volume Production

We understand the costs associated with developing and producing a short run of parts and products and be prohibitive to your growth and innovation. That’s why we’ve tailored our services to help businesses with their low volume production needs. Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or are working to perfect your processes, we have the right equipment and capabilities to help you control cost while maintaining flexible production.

Trade Show, Wind Tunnel,
and Architectural Models

We specialize in helping businesses like yours take an idea from concept to reality by developing working models that can be used during trade shows and engineering demonstrations or as wind tunnel models and proofs of concept. We’ve created models for everything from computers to excavating equipment and we’re ready to help you, too.

Rapid Casting

Using the latest in 3D printing techniques, we can produce disposable patterns for product molding out of a number of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, copper, and Inconel. We’ve developed castings for a wide range of applications including suspension components, motor housings, missile parts, hand tools, gearbox housings, pistons, and engine blocks.

Rapid Forging

Minimize waste and stretch your development budget farther with our rapid forging services. Our craftspeople can develop near net shapes and product blanks that are very similar in geometry to a final part, reducing machining time and limiting raw material waste. Forging tooling often takes quite a bit of time, but with our equipment and team of experts, we can speed up the process to get you the shapes you need at a lower cost with less waste.

Turnkey Manufacturing

From developing the jigs, drill fixtures, and jaws that hold parts and products to be refined, to creating the products themselves, all the way to their final finishing. We have the capabilities and services to turn your product around faster. Work with our sales team to learn how we can help get your product to market before the competition. No one can help you scale as quickly as we can.

Getting Started with Evology

We take a service-first approach to our business, which means we do everything we can to make your experience with our team easy, efficient, and successful. Each project we take on follows a simple, straightforward process:

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First contact

connect with our team using our contact form or by giving us a call at 1-877-EVOLOGY

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Mutual NDAs signed
Mutual NDAs signed

to ensure the security and safety of your information, parts, and products

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Quote & approval
Project Review & Quote

we review the details of your project, refine a quote, and finalize production details to meet your timeline

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Line Arrow
PO delivery
PO received

you send our team the PO for our project

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Delivery date set

production timeline begins, and we provide a final due date for your order

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Products shipped
Products shipped

we package and ship your parts and products direct to the location of your choice